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Northern Star Farm Fantasy Sleigh Service

Northern Star Farm Livery and Coach, is a specialty horse drawn carriage and sleigh service offering rides for all occasions, formal and informal, throughout the year. Gift certificates are available. We also offer Power Point presentations on sleighing to your club or civic organization. I discuss the history of sleighing, the psychology behind it, horses, humorous anecdotes and experiences of a 21st century sleigh ride operator. It is a presentation designed to educate and entertain.

Sleigh Ride Gift Certificates

What are the benefits of purchasing a Sleigh ride gift certificate?

By presenting a Sleigh Ride Gift Certificate to a loved one, you are acknowledging your sincere efforts to fulfill what is in many cases, a life long desire and fantasy of sleigh riding by placing them in their very own live, Currier and Ives portrait experience.  Special scheduling consideration given to all holders of these certificates.  Gift Certificates come with an instructional letter and are the perfect gift to treat your loved ones, friends and business associates.  Wonderful for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or any event that you want to be memorable. The price is $250.00 for a couple,  our a couple with two small children. This amount can be used to pay for the private ride, or use it towards a $350.00 group ride.  Holders of these certificates receive preferential booking status when winter arrives. When calling to  make your reservation, please indicate that you are a certificate holder and share the certificate number found in the top corner of the document.

Please read through the description and conditions for sleighing below. If you still have questions, or want to inquire about gift certificates, pricing or scheduling your sleigh ride, please contact Matthew Wismer, or call 215-859-7302.

“Our family had a fantastic time taking sleigh rides at Northern Star Farm thanks to Matthew Wismer. He is a gracious host, great historian, and safe driver! He was very flexible and able to work with a variety of personalities within our group-he is very “intune” to interpersonal relationships. He has a kind and patient manner with children and was able to create in them an interest in history at their level and answered all their questions. Will definitely attend up coming events as he made us feel “part of his family/friends”. Tx again!” – Mary D.

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We offer two types of horse drawn rides; the private ride, and the group ride.

The Private Ride features a beautiful dark green “Santa” type sleigh with burgundy velour seats. It’s a comfortable and safe modern reproduction, and is pulled by 2 “spirited” trotting horses wearing authentic German sleigh bells that echo across our 230 acres of preserved farmland. Heavy woolen, Victorian era sleigh blankets to snuggle under are also provided. This ride is primarily for a couple, but 2 small children could be added, or 3 adults and one small child, but that would be the absolute maximum.

The Group ride is designed for multiple people up to 12 adults of average size. If the make up of the group is more children then adults, then more then 12 could fit on..but not many more. This is a 55-60 minute ride on cushioned seats, advanced suspension system and easy entry rear steps. Blankets are NOT provided but you are encouraged to bring your own (blankets). This conveyance is always pulled by 2 large draft horses wearing multiple strands of bells that produce the beautiful sounds of winter’s long ago, that are so lovingly associated with this activity, to this day.

sleigh ride photo

Sleigh Ride on NSF. Photo: Joe Tacynec,

When do we book these?

A traditional sleigh ride on the snow means we  have to wait until winter arrives. We need frozen ground and at least 3 inches of snow at the same time (no blizzard required). When these conditions arise, we encourage people to contact us and I will tell you if we can do them and when. It is important that when I determine that conditions are right, to seize the moment, do not put it off until next week as conditions may not be right. Trappe is not known as sleighing country BUT, it can be and…(it has been) if you are willing to be flexible and seize the moment. Note: traditional sleigh rides are done on the farm fields only.

A cozy reception room with open beam ceilings, decorated with antiques and lit by the fire in the stone fireplace and candle light, provides a quaint and warm respite from the elements while you and yours gather for your ride and “sets the stage” for the beginning of your trip “back in time”.  A clean and orderly indoor bathroom is also available for your use.

We are conveniently located just off of old Rt. 422 which is also known as Ridge Pike or Main Street at the intersection of Main and 3rd Ave. (also known as State Rt. 113) in the historic town of Trappe, in Montgomery County, about half way between Pottstown and Norristown. We are approximately 8 miles west of the Valley Forge, King of Prussia area. Other nearby points of interest that could be combined with a day of sleighing are the quaint shopping and fine dining village of Skippack, located approx 12 minutes north of us on Rt. 113, and the restored upscale town of Phoenixville with its shopping, bars and pubs, located approx 20 minutes south of us on Rt. 113. Also, don’t forget the popular Trappe Tavern on Trappe’s Main street for great food and drink.

These rides are typically booked day and night and a week of forecasted winter conditions provides an extended opportunity. It is essential, that if you are interested in sleighing to seize the moment!

Is there a “wait” list?photo (1)

No, there is not. Our reservation system operates as such: contact us with a desired time and we will tell what time slots are available during periods of snow coverage. Those with gift certificates do however, receive special scheduling consideration.
It is our goal, to provide people with a clear understanding of what it was like to travel by sleigh many years ago.


Is there the opportunity to help with the preparation and harnessing of the horses etc.?

No, there is not. In an effort to prevent possible injury, we ask that all patrons, upon arrival, wait in the reception area, where I will meet you and announce when everything is in readiness. We will get the payment out of the way and then go and enjoy the ride. Cash, checks and credit cards excepted (with the exception of American Express).

Special weather circumstances

We do not operate during periods of rain and or high winds. It is not enjoyable for man nor beast!

Gift certificates are available. We are conveniently located just off old Rt. 422.

We also offer Power Point presentations on sleighing to your club or civic organization. I discuss the history of sleighing, the psychology behind it, horses, humorous anecdotes and experiences of a 21st century sleigh ride operator. It is a presentation designed to educate and entertain.

It will be our great pleasure to assist in placing you and your loved ones, in your very own live “Currier and Ives” portrait experience. For those who desire overnight lodging, a Courtyard Marriot Hotel is located just off the  Collegeville Exit of the 422 Expressway with nearby Providence Town Center, offering shopping and additional dining opportunities.

Matthew Wismer with horse

Matthew Wismer of Northern Star Farm

Thank you again.

Matthew Wismer
Owner Northern Star Farm Livery, Coach and Sleigh Service

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