School Tours

Northern Star Farm offers a multi-sensory experience for young students from October through the end of November.  As part of your school’s visit to our farm, your students will enjoy the following package.

ActivitiesPumpkin wagon

  • Lil’ Farmer Play Barn
    This unique facility includes farm activities designed for small children.
    –  Hay bale tunnels
    – Large sensory seed pit that everyone can walk in either barefoot, or in stocking feet, for a wild sensory experience!
    – Hay bale horse with saddle
    – Milking Cow, a wooden cow with life like teats that kids can milk while sitting on an old fashioned milking stool.
    – Corn seed play box with farm toys
    -Mini-golf game, and black board.
  • Barn Yard Animal Tour
    This features our large sleigh horses, multi level goat walk, chickens and sheep and pig.
  • Tractor Pulled Hay Ride to the Pumpkin Patch
    Your visit includes one free small pumpkin per child.


  • Multi-sink hand washing facility with step up for young children.
  • Indoor room decorated with mounted big game animals from around the world with tables and chairs and refreshments of juice and pastry.
  • Indoor bathroom

Call Matthew Wismer for package price: 215-859-7302, or email